Kewei Zhang 张科伟

I am a postdoc at the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research.

I completed my PhD in 2019 at Peking University, China.

My interest lies in complex geometry, algebriac geometry and geometric PDE.

This is my CV

Publications and preprints

• K. Zhang, Valuative invariants with higher moments, 2020, preprint, available here.

• Y.A. Rubinstein, G. Tian, K. Zhang, Basis divisors and balanced metrics, arXiv:2008.08829, 2020.

• Y.A. Rubinstein, K. Zhang, Angle deformation of Kähler–Einstein edge metrics on Hirzebruch surfaces, 2020, submitted, available here.

• K. Zhang, Continuity of delta invariants and twisted Kähler--Einstein metrics, arXiv:2003.11858, 2020.

• K. Zhang, C. Zhou, Delta invariants of projective bundles and projective cones of Fano type, arXiv:2003.06839, 2020.

• K. Zhang, On the optimal volume upper bound for Kahler manifolds with positive Ricci curvature, accepted by Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN, arXiv:2001.04169, 2020.

• K. Zhang, Some refinements of the partial C^0 estimate, arXiv:1911.11328, 2019, to appear in Analysis & PDE

• K. Fujita, Y. Liu, H. Suess, K. Zhang and Z. Zhuang, On the Cheltsov–Rubinstein conjecture, arXiv:1907.02727, 2019.

• Y.A. Rubinstein, K. Zhang, Small angle limits of Hamilton's footballs, arXiv:1905.00865, 2019, to appear in Bull. Lond. Math. Soc.

• I.Cheltsov, K.Zhang, Delta invariants of smooth cubic surfaces, Eur. J. Math. 5 (2019), 729-762.

• I.Cheltsov, Y.Rubinstein, K.Zhang, Basis log canonical thresholds, local intersection estimates, and asymptotically log del Pezzo surfaces, Selecta Math. (N.S.) 25 (2019), Art. 34, 36 pp.


Unpublished notes

• K. Zhang, A Survey on stability threshold and canonical metrics, available here.

• K. Zhang, The delta invariants of projective bundles, 2020, notes, available here.

• K. Zhang, Bounding the volume of Kähler manifolds with positive Ricci curvature, 2019, notes, available here.

• K. Zhang, A remark on alpha_G invariant, 2019, notes, available here.

• K. Zhang, Stability thresholds of Fano T-varieties of complexity one, 2018, notes, available here.